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Medieval handcrafted greeting cards

Choose a special card for the occasion!

Handcrafted greetings cards with a design based on Medieval themes - read more on our medieval greetings cards here.

Medieval Shield handmade card

A weld medallion over-dyed with woad, on madder and woad


Medieval Spiral handmade card

Orange and green dyed silk on handmade paper




Medieval Window handmade card

Orange and green dyed silk on handmade paper


Terracotta & Moss handmade card

Strips of weld over-dyed with madder and woad on banana paper




Bayeux tapestry showing medieval colours and dyesMore about our Medieval handcrafted cards

The designs are based on Medieval themes and use natural dyes common in Medieval times, especially woad, weld and madder. Learn more about woad, weld and madder, and other traditional natural dyes at Wild Colours natural dyes and All about Woad.

The design panels all use textiles dyed with natural dyes on a base of hand made paper.

Each 6" by 4" (15 by 10 cm) greeting card bears a unique design on the centre of the front cover. The designs are 2.5” to 3” wide and comprise a hand made paper background with a foreground of silk and thread dyed with natural dyes. All the greeting cards are unique and the design may vary from the photograph. The inside of the greeting card is left blank for your own message. The cards are made from cream-coloured, 100% recycled paper.

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